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Charles Dye

© 2005
© 2005


Charles Dye is a professional writer with experience in Marketing, PR, Journalism and fiction. 


He is a member of Tom Spanbauer's Dangerous Writing community, whose alumni include Monica Drake (Clown Girl), Kassten Alonso (Core: A Romance), Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) and Robert Hill (When All is Said and Done).


His publishing credits include indie anthologies The Frozen Moment, Artscape and Nailed Magazine


He was honored to recieve the Burnt Tongue literary scholarship in February 2013. 


Currently a PR and Marketing consultant, he has served clients from Seattle to Orlando. His Journalism portfolio includes copy editing, page design and freelance reporting for daily papers from Puget Sound to the heartland. He holds a Masters in Strategic Communication, specializing in Marketing, PR and Social Media Strategy. 


Prior to settling in Portland, he parlayed seven years as a wildland firefighter into a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon. He has also coached high school and NCAA football. 






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Veteran writer, editor for hire


Portland Copywriter, Charles Dye, brings more than a decade of professional experience with a broad range of communications solutions for establishing and distributing your message, image and professional identity.


He specializes in web content, social media strategy, and promotional communications.






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